Retirement Time:                
We invite you to visit Autumn Hill Alpacas... We have been
raising alpacas for the past 18 years but have decided it is time
to move on and simplify life a bit more. Our remaining 15
alpacas will be given away to good homes. You must have
fencing and shelter already in place. And a means to feed the
alpacas through the winter months. The alpacas must move in
groups of 3 or more so only contact us if you have space for
three or more alpacas. We have 9 females and 6 geldings left on
the farm. Contact Cindy at 716-353-2963 if interested.

  Cindy and Curt Vars   -   Andover, NY 14806   -   cindy@autumnhillalpacas.com   -   716-353-2963
Autumn Hill Alpacas
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